Textile Division

ABI KHALIL LLC, aims at leadership in the sector, with creativity, commitment and constant research for the best product and service quality. It managed to reach such a goal in few years only.
The name ABI KHALIL is synonymous with refined decoration which follow a neo-classical theme: fretwork, flowers and stripes in subtle and vivid colors, which combine to make precious fabrics of a celestial nature. The linens and silks relate to a distant past of which few can remember but the fabrics live on.

As regards furnishing fabrics & curtains, at present more than 14. 000 items are exposed in the company's showrooms and available in stock. In Lebanon distribution is addressed to furnishing companies, wholesalers, retailers and direct customers. Sales to direct customers is served by seven showrooms all over Lebanon.

ABI KHALIL's collections are the natural expression of such a philosophy: style research, quality, multinational designs which all together manage to satisfy the complex needs of the most demanding customers. Collections are based on different cultures and artistic traditions, but they are slowly being integrated in the general globalisation process. From classic flowery patterns to stripes and madras, from traditional natural subjects to precious oriental designs, from minimal to exotic trends, up to the latest graphical and color proposals.
New patterns are provided every year, essentially on jacquard fabrics and cloth and heald doup, followed by effect, bouclé, frisé, chenille, silk,...