ABI KHALIL LLC, a family run business, was officially founded in Beirut-Lebanon through the efforts of the ABI KHALIL family. In the beginning, the operations focused on iron and wood-working and then expanded over the following years towards the so-called "modern furnishing" sector. From 1958 up to 1965, the company continued to grow in size, fame and above all excellence, thanks to the regained quality of its manufactured goods which now cover the entire range of furnishing models.

For ABI KHALIL, the most important event in its history occurred in the 1969s- the period that coincides with the arrival of design in Lebanon. This marks the period of collaboration with architects from outside the company, and therefore have a great wealth of knowledge, who are requested to design various models. This led to the separation of the design function from production activities which, for the company, marks the progressive transition from the initial artisan crafts to the industrial market.

This transition was also favored by a long series of job orders, together with furnishing for hotels, schools, airports, restaurants and hospitality locations, involved a major part of company activities up to more than halfway through the 1980s In those years, ABI KHALIL furnished a cute number of hotels, Restaurants and Residences: a matchless collection of top quality experience, considering the special features of such particular environments which requires a high-performance, long-lasting products with excellent shape-aesthetic features. The persistence of the owners values, which are perfectly matched with progressively more advanced industrial procedures, has allowed it, today like in the past, to maintain the excellent quality that makes each of its products unique.

Nonetheless, the ABI KHALIL history is relatively short. The owners decided to expand into the textile trade. Supported by experiences gained over many years, Messrs. ABI KHALIL were well equipped to take on such a new venture, and ready to personally accept this exciting challenge. They spent years researching the secrets of textiles. their ambition was always to import fabrics which incorporated all their historical beauty, both in terms of design and color, but which also captured the ambiance of their past. They wanted always to import the best. The owners strongly believe in the company philosophy dynamism. It is necessary to work on the market while continuously up-dating the offered proposals and providing for the best service quality: that is the real trump-card.